Mar 17th 2024: i made a new site background! i'm really proud of how it came out
Mar 15th 2024: rewrote the site intro, and reorganized a few things on the index page in general. i have some other design updates i'm working on, too, but those aren't quite ready yet.
Mar 1st 2024: Rose Eclipse has been updated and redesigned! backgrounds now have a slight purple hue, and everything has proper HSL values now. themes and more documentation are still in development!
Feb 29th 2024: more layout updates!!! i am working hard on Rose Eclipse, and in the process, i've redone a lot of my CSS and backend color systems. the navbar is more space-efficient now, and now the whole box is clickable instead of just the text. additionally, links have a proper "visited" color state now. there's still a lot i want to work on, but i wanted to push this update out first.
Feb 12th 2024: big layout update - i'm trying to be more space-efficient, and as cute as the gifs at the top were, i axed them because i found them to be too distracting to me. v_v; however, i quite like how my logo looks up there, so i'm happy with this update.
Feb 1st 2024: i've posted a new essay to the library: A New Direction. it's about drawing and design, and what i want to focus on this year. please give a read if you have the time!
Jan 15th 2024: happy new year! i'm tidying up the site a bit. links to my social media can now be found on my about page, and i've renamed my writing page. it's now a library, which sounds less stilted and will eventually be home to more blog-like pages.
Nov 12th 2023: at last... i have more time to focus on art and other creative projects!! to celebrate, there's a new illustration in the gallery! please take a look! i'm also working on a few new pages, but those aren't ready yet.
Sep 15th 2023: changing a few things about how my navigation is displayed. among some other tidying up! still have other webdev things i wish to implement soon...
Aug 20th 2023: i've been working on a lot of other projects lately, and busy preparing for my wedding in October ^_^; but i finally added alt text to every piece of art in the art gallery!
Jun 10th 2023: happy pride! i wrote up a tribute to my favorite game and how it helped awaken my gender identity. so here's Gender: Euphoria in the Moonlight!
May 27th 2023: alright, since i'm shutting down my Patreon by the end of the month... i've finally archived my process writeups, making them publicly accessible. enjoy!
May 20th 2023: just a quick update for now! i updated my art gallery a bit with some new illustrations. i have more plans for future additions to my site, after taking some time away from thinking about it, so stay tuned...
Apr 12th 2023: removed the Yesterweb ring, since it's now closed. if anyone has any recs for chill webrings for queer artists, i'd love to hear your suggestions on my guestbook or as a comment on my Neocities profile. thank you!
Feb 23rd 2023: standardized and simplified my CSS colors to match Rose Eclipse better. i worried about links not looking clear enough, but given that they're bolded and underlined, i think it's fine. i don't know why, but the yellow links really stressed me out
Feb 20th 2023: updated guestbook to add some new messages! promise i'll add new messages in a more timely manner in the future
Jan 31st 2023: put together a page for my color scheme, Rose Eclipse! includes links to use custom CSS themes for Tumblr and Cohost!
Jan 29th 2023: server invites have been closed for the time being. i need some quiet time, and meeting new people is too overwhelming for me at the moment...
Jan 25th 2023: belated Happy New Year! i've been busy with other projects so i haven't been updating much. i added some custom pink-cloaked Alucard sprites to a few of my pages. there's some other webdev projects i'm working on, but they're not quite ready yet. stay tuned!
Dec 23rd 2022: added a static .png version of my 88x31 button!
Dec 17th 2022: new guestbook is live! come and send me messages if you'd like
Dec 16th 2022: updated my collection of 88x31 buttons a little. i made new custom ones for myself! ALSO: apologies, but my guestbook is currently broken. i'm working on a new solution, but it'll be a bit before it's ready.
Dec 4th 2022: found some time to finally update Iris's page! now she matches!!
Nov 20th 2022: at long last! the art gallery is live! please enjoy
Nov 17th 2022: a page dedicated to my discord server has appeared! rules/guidelines and an invitation lie within.
Oct 28th 2022: links have been updated and reorganized! i added a lot of sites i find useful, too.
Oct 25th 2022: this site is now part of the Yesterweb webring! i've added the webring on my page. i highly recommend browsing through other people's sites! there's so many other great websites out there, i always end up stumbling across something new.
Oct 17th 2022: added a new section to the writing page, and some thoughts on posting art online
Oct 11th 2022: Rosemary and Diana's pages have received an overhaul! Iris's page will follow suit, once i have some more things ready.
Oct 10th 2022: i've added a page for my writing. a few stories i've made can be found there
Oct 6th 2022: makeup page has been updated to include some of my new favorites
Oct 2nd 2022: updated the Castlevania subpage to have an actual section about SotN now!
Oct 1st 2022: new site redesign is now live! new features include: links page, guestbook, more responsive design. my CSS now lives in the 21st century!
Sept 29 2022: added updates section, as i continue working on this site redesign.