small crescent moon with moving clouds

group of sparkles pink tulips swaying in the wind group of sparkles

tulip's secluded garden

through the thick of the misty woods, you find a mysterious stone path, lined with small wildflowers and lit lanterns. after following it for some time, the mist begins to part, and you arrive at a small garden that has been meticulously tended to, filled with blooming flowers under the moonlight.

there is a signpost located just outside the old iron gates of the garden. a magic barrier prevents you from venturing forward...

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i need some quiet time, and meeting new people is too overwhelming right now.
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a chibi pixel art drawing of my OC, Diana! they have long blonde hair, a moon necklace, and a sword at their side.

Diana, my beloved dhampir, bravely guards this realm from harm.
with their sword in hand, this garden remains a safe sanctuary...
a big thank you to Ashley for making Diana's sprite!