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a chibi pixel art drawing of my OC, Rosemary! she has long brown hair covering one of her eyes, a green sweater, a skirt with small flowers on it, and a staff at her side.

(rosie sprite by @FlutterSprite)

mid-to-late 20s* | she/they | sapphic

(kinda depends on when i'm writing her, i guess.)


  • full name: Rosemary Alice Evans
  • height: 5'4"
  • birthday: April 25th
  • occupation: freelance artist & charm maker
  • a shy witch who is nervous around most people, and struggles with social cues sometimes. but around familiar faces, she's much more talkative and affectionate. Rosemary is kind of an open book- they're terrible at lying, and their feelings are hardly ever a secret.


  • plants (special interest)
  • drawing & designing
  • simulation games & RPGs
  • cozy sweaters
  • strawberries
  • Diana
Sarabande of Healing
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (2005)


Rosemary was raised by her single mother, along with a community of witches, who helped her mother escape an abusive situation when Rosemary was very young. she's always considered these witches her family, and affectionately calls them her aunts. Rosie hasn't had much contact with her dad, and prefers to keep it that way.

she has been practicing magic from a young age, and specializes in making protective charms.

one of Rosemary's only childhood friends is a witch named Iris, who is still close to her. the two of them met when they were both 14 or so, around freshman year of high school. at one point, the two dated for a while in college, but ultimately decided that they were better friends than partners. it was a little awkward for a while, but things have smoothed over a lot since then. Iris is still fiercely protective of Rosie, though.

(cw: assault, predatory behavior & grooming)

as a young teenager, Rosemary met a man named Alexander, a mage who practiced dark sorcery, claiming to study banned spells and techniques for research purposes. he groomed Rosemary and gained her trust, and their relationship was vague yet incredibly dubious. Rosemary began to have a deep, gut feeling that something didn't feel right, and suddenly backed out of meeting up with him again.

he tracked her down in public, physically dragged Rosemary away out of a crowd, and planned to have his revenge, starting with casting a curse on her. Iris managed to pursue him and punched him in the face before anything further happened. to this day, Rosemary bears this curse in the form of a seal on her right eye, rendering her essentially blind in one eye.

for years afterwards, Rosemary was very withdrawn, and rarely left the house alone. after losing eyesight in her right eye, Rosemary taught herself to work more with her left hand, and eventually learned to draw left-handed. she loves drawing plants and flowers - most of her prints and designs heavily feature botanical motifs.

it was through her art that she met Diana - Diana was interested in commissioning a custom illustration from Rosemary. in particular, Diana wanted a design featuring hellebore flowers twisted around a falchion sword, with a crescent moon in the background. the two of them got along together very well, and quickly became friends, even after Rosemary finished her work.

Rosemary was surprised to learn that Diana lived in the same city as her, and they met up for dinner one evening... only for Rosemary's first thought upon seeing them in person for the first time to be "oh no, they're hot". she desperately kept her crush on Diana a secret for months, terrified of ruining their friendship together and driving them away. but Rosemary is not very good at hiding her true feelings, and... well, how they got together is a story for another day.

the two of them have been together for several years. Rosemary eventually moved in with Diana - they even cleaned up an old spare room and converted it into an art studio, complete with plenty of room for Rosemary's bountiful plant collection.

assorted facts:

  • Rosemary is autistic!
  • the only acceptable nickname for Rosemary is "Rosie". calling her just "Rose" always makes her tense up for some reason.
  • she is blind in her right eye, because of a curse that was cast on her when she was younger. she doesn't like to talk about it, and keeps it covered with her hair at all times.
  • never leaves the house without her magic choker on. it eases the side effects of her curse (ex: suddenly freezing up and losing control of her body)
  • Rosie's art style takes a lot of inspiration from vintage botanical illustrations. drawing detailed plants and flowers gives them a lot of joy.
  • Rosemary loves their houseplants. an embarrassing amount of their limited apartment space is dedicated to plants.
    • one might assume that Rosemary would use plants for potion making, since that's a common thing for witches to do with plants. but actually, she makes magic charms with dried plants and flower petals.
  • Rosie's not really interested in a lot of games, but she has absolutely sunk hundreds of hours into all sorts of simulation games. cute farming sims have been a favorite of hers, in particular.
  • she has a very strong phobia of crowds.
  • Rosemary can't drive, and relies a lot on either Diana or Iris to get to places.
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