Rose Eclipse

a dark theme with rose pink accents, developed by platinumtulip.

i'm very passionate about color schemes, and it brings me a lot of joy to decorate my spaces just right.

because i'm prone to migraines and eye strain, i primarily use dark themes on my devices and applications. but in my opinion, many dark themes are either too high-contrast and hurt my eyes to look at, or feel a little bland.

i was inspired by the soft, warm glow of candlelight in a dark room, but with a slightly rosy pink hue. my favorite color is pink, after all.

NOTE: this was designed for my own accessibility and comfort, first and foremost. other folks have expressed interest in this color scheme, so i've chosen to share it. but it might not be perfect for everyone!


here are the available themes that i have released that use this color scheme.

i'll be adding them over time!


NOTE: you will need the Stylus browser extension to install these!
here are download links for Firefox and Chrome.


midnight black

rgb(6, 6, 6)

medium shadow

rgb(26, 20, 21)

light shadow

rgb(45, 35, 37)

medium rose

rgb(192, 106, 105)

light rose

rgb(244, 144, 149)


rgb(241, 186, 173)

accent colors

hellebore purple

rgb(122, 51, 76)

candlelight gold

rgb(216, 130, 77)