in the past few years, i've picked up writing as a hobby. truthfully, i was never really the type to write much - for example, i never got into fanfiction or other forms of creative writing. and for a long time, there was a part of me that assumed that i was too "uncreative" to pursue writing. maybe it was because i spent too much time around harsh, judgmental people, maybe it was my own self esteem shooting myself in the foot.

but regardless, i made more of an effort to push past my anxiety about writing, and give it a try.

so, here's a collection of some of my written work. it's not all of it - i keep a lot of my writing to myself. but this is the selection i've chosen to share.

original characters

(i'll come up with a nice name for my "world" someday.)

  • Dear Anna - those who are cursed with near-immortality must accept that they will outlive their mortal loved ones. Diana is forced to confront this fact when they got attached to a human for the first time in centuries.
  • A Toast to the Lost One - in a departure from their usual habits, Diana finds themself attending an extravagant party.

essays & other thoughts

semi-informal, longer form thoughts. might overlap with posts i've written for cohost.

a barbed rose made out of withered iron, slowly dripping blood from its petals