about iris

a chibi pixel art drawing of my OC, Iris! she has a big smile on her face, with long purple hair, a black crop top, a purple skirt, and purple sneakers.

(diana sprite by @FlutterSprite)

mid-to-late 20s | she/her | trans lesbian

(kinda depends on when i'm writing her, i guess.)


  • full name: Iris Yoon
  • height: 6'0"
  • birthday: August 3rd
  • occupation: part-time barista, apprentice potion witch
  • she's playful and bubbly, and very affectionate towards her friends. which usually manifests as playful teasing, to be honest. she's a witch who has spent too much of her life repressing her feelings and desires, and now she's more than happy to be self indulgent! though sometimes she still has trouble communicating her real feelings. she also gets crushes on girls at the drop of a hat. (girls are pretty!)


  • tea
  • sparkly pretty things
  • bunnies
  • action & rhythm games
  • spicy chips
  • girls.......
Grape Garden
Kirby's Adventure (1993)


currently under construction! i have a whole mess of ideas for her that i need to organize

assorted facts:

  • her usual order at a cafe is a chai latte. coffee is yucky.
  • her name is inspired by a spell that she studied once, which called for iris petals. it just kind of stuck with her. Iris... just sounded nice!
  • in general she really likes collecting things. pretty eyeshadow palettes, coffee mugs, candles, earrings, flower pots, books, etc. she sees something pretty or interesting that catches her eye? She Wants It.
    • if you ever let her loose in a thrift store, expect her to have armfuls worth of random shit in no time.
  • loves action games & rhythm games- she's drawn to stuff that has a higher learning curve that she can really get invested in
  • doesn't actually get along with Diana that well. she's happy that Rosie is happy with them, of course, but... truthfully, Iris thinks they're kind of boring to be around. talking to them is always sorta awkward...
  • once she punched a creepy dude in the face and it remains one of her proudest moments to this day.
    • like on one hand, she has complicated feelings about the amount of physical strength she has, since she's actually fairly strong, but also... she will absolutely throw down if someone harrasses her friends.
a bronze gate, with one of its doors opening

the gate can take you back, if you so desire.