special secluded sanctuary

through the thick of the misty woods, you find a mysterious stone path, lined with small wildflowers and lit lanterns. after following it for some time, the mist begins to part. you arrive at a small garden that has been meticulously tended to, filled with blooming flowers under the moonlight.

ah! a visitor... i attend to my personal gardens over here. it's filled with things i love, and things that make me happy to look at or think about. you could perhaps call them... pink heart bobbing up and down special interests pink heart bobbing up and down

i'm still organizing this place - there's a lot of room to grow here. but, i thought it would be nice to set up some pages for things i like. it's nice to get away from the sensory overload of the modern web - everything is so loud, so fast. content disappears in the blink of an eye.

feel free to sit with me for a bit, and take a look around at what's here.

a bronze gate, with one of its doors opening an arrangement of pink roses

and if you're enjoying my digital garden, consider tipping me on ko-fi pink heart bobbing up and down

a barbed rose made out of withered iron, slowly dripping blood from its petals text box from EarthBound reading: The flowers in the garden are representative of those in your heart. Treat them both nice.

pixel art of Alucard from Castlevania, sitting with a little fairy on his shoulder. he looks quite peaceful. badge that says International Guild of Gay Webmasters. there is an inverted pink triangle, and a sword on top of it.

button with the moon in the night sky, labeled they/them nonbinary pride flag button button with sparkling stars, and a cropped illustration of Diana Alucard button pink button labeled Neocities.org The Web Is Yours
button Yesterweb - Reclaim The Web button with the space station from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on it, with a wormhole next to it button with a bat on it, labeled Free Net Vampire button labeled Trans Rights Now! button labled Built With Notepad++