garden mailbox

you come across a dark walnut table and a plush, burgundy red desk chair seated at it. there's a stationary set available for guests to use, and a stained glass Tiffany-style lamp with a delicate floral design illuminating the area. a letter box has been provided to deposit outgoing messages. feel free to leave one, if you so desire!

my previous guestbook broke, and i've found myself missing answering messages from tumblr... so i've set up something similar! feel free to leave comments or ask questions, and i'll get back to you soon pink heart bobbing up and down

a few things first, however:

  1. please be respectful of my boundaries. you are currently a visitor in my space. as such, i ask that you be mindful of these rules.
  2. keep it "safe for work". i am not interested in discussing sexual subjects, or flirtatious offerings.
  3. bigotry shall not be tolerated. letters containing hateful words will be sent to my fire pit to be used for kindling.
  4. this is not an automated process, so if your message doesn't show up immediately, don't fret! that's normal. i may not respond to every message, either.
a feathered pen writing in an open book


02/02/2024 09:41 AM

i got rid of my cohost a while back but i just thought of you. I'm glad to see ur still doing ur thing... btw that color is very nice :)

01/31/2024 12:05 PM

hello there! this is a very pretty site, and i adore how comfortable it feels :) your art is also gorgeous!

11/21/2023 02:00 AM

your website is so comfy and evocative, i love it! also thank you for the rose eclipse theme - i similarly find most dark themes way too high contrast and this is just the ticket.


oh, i'm really happy to hear that! at some point i want to add more themes for people to download, since i usually customize programs/websites to match Rose Eclipse. stark white-on-black does weird things to my astigmatism, hahaha.

11/18/2023 10:16 PM

adore your website ... it's so cozy. the blurbs you write to set the scene for every page is great, it reminds me of making little intros to neopets profile pages hahah. your ocs are so sweet and thoughtfully designed as well, i just love it! ♡ keep up the fine work, and i hope you continue to find peace in working on this site.

10/16/2023 05:45 PM

Hello, fellow neurodivergent. :) Very lovely website.

09/03/2023 07:46 AM

Hey tulip, hope your wedding preparations are going well! it's late and I think I may have forgotten to write my name - I wrote the wedding comment (it's pixelglade). Sorry about that! By the way I updated my site's guestbook to request name information as well and made some general updates too - feel free to peek at the source code if you want!


aw thank you! i've got a lot of it covered, just about a month and a half until the big day ^_^ i'll definitely take a peek at your code at some point btw, i put together this guestbook in kind of a hurry and i'm not super experienced with coding forms haha

08/27/2023 08:16 PM

your site aesthetic is so fantastic! i only just found it but it's so similar to what i'm trying to capture as well! love your art style and ocs too ( ´ ▿ ` )

06/16/2023 12:27 AM

was talking with a friend about neocities and your site came to mind so i came by and took a look around, i dont know if those were there already but i noticed the forum signature personality quiz results on your about page and they really took me back, great stuff! just for fun i took them myself and im a dandere fairy :> i don't know how the letterbox name detection works so in the likely case this gets marked anonymous ill just sign it myself

-nina scarab

awww thank you!! i wanna find more of those old school personality tests sometime... uquiz keeps the time honored tradition of having silly quizzes online, but it's just not the same without an html graphic to put on your website or forum siggy. i love spreading the good word of neocities and the joys of making your own site...

06/14/2023 11:51 AM

this website is so cool...

06/11/2023 08:24 AM

Hi there! Your link back button really stood out to me when I was looking at someone's button wall. I loved looking through your site and the colors are really nice ^^ Finally someone who loves makeup! I have Kaleidos Cold Smoke as well and it's such a cool color <3


ahhhh!! (clapping my hands excitedly...) i always love to hear from other makeup enthusiasts!! Kaleidos makes a lot of cool stuff, i really want more of their lip clays one day haha. thank you!!!

05/05/2023 06:48 AM

hello~ the Aesthetic is great & the music paired with the OCs is sooo good and the whole website feels like You and its rly goood

rosemary nearly made me cry. she's pretty relatable and i was getting excited at her story 'n like raving for her :3

~ ckie ( on fedi, on matrix if you wan chat)

i think i'll go read the writing section now (: i found you on cohost

04/24/2023 09:37 PM

Hi there!! I love this site, the colors are pleasing to the eye and your art is really pretty! I also like your pages for your OCs. I read "Dear Anna" and it made me tear up ‹3 I struggle with self consciousness about my writing too, but you inspire me to try sharing it


aw, thank you so much! it always makes me so happy to hear people enjoying my OCs and writing ;_;!!!

03/10/2023 9:25 PM

Hi, Tulip!

Hope you're doing well, love what you've done with the website!

02/23/2023 10:47 PM

your site is epic

02/20/2023 11:34 AM

Hello Tulip-

I found this and adore your art and this website and thought I should say so

01/23/2023 11:18 PM

beautiful artwork!

12/18/2022 2:01 AM

Hello Tulip~ Have a great day!!

12/17/2022 4:51 PM

Hi Tulip! Good to see your new guestbook in action. Happy holidays. :)

a barbed rose made out of withered iron, slowly dripping blood from its petals