about me

my name is Tulip (they/them)! i'm nonbinary, neurodivergent, and disabled. i spend the vast majority of my time at home, working on various self-indulgent projects. i have a deep love for digital art, obsolete computers, and decorating myself as a form of self-expression.

in general, i'm easily overwhelmed and prone to sensory overload, so i'm very drawn to creating art and styling my spaces in a way that feels comforting and peaceful to me.

ultimately, my goal in life is to be a cozy vampire who snoozes during the day and lounges by candlelight, spending my nights studying and making self indulgent creations.

an arrangement of pink roses



  • my OCs
  • makeup
  • obsolete computers
  • alucard (castlevania)
  • kitties
  • digital art
  • color theory
  • coffee
  • rose pink
  • small objects

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a barbed rose made out of withered iron, slowly dripping blood from its petals